Innova provides you integral solution of samples storage with liquid nitrogen tanks, including vapor phase stainless steel tank, aluminum tank with temperature/liquid level monitors. Plenty of choices in accessories to store stemcell/cord blood cell/vials/straws/bones/embryo.

nitrogen_tanksCryoSalvum Series, with Racks & Boxes

CryoSalvum Series liquid nitrogen containers combine with the advantages of low liquid nitrogen consumption and medium range storage capacity to meet unique requirements of professional customers all over the world. CryoSalvum Series containers provide high efficiency of large capacity sample cryopreservation with light weight and small space occupying. The racks and lockable lids are standard to assure the safety of samples. Mainly apply to medical field/ biobank /laboratory field.

dry_shipperCryoArk Series, Dry-shipper

CryoArk series is dry shipper containers. It is designed for biology, livestock breeding, research andmedical fields and enables the biological samples, straws, cryovials or blood bags to transport below-150℃ environment. There is liquid nitrogen absorbent materials placed in the inner tank, which avoids the risk of outflow of liquid nitrogen. The CryoArk dry shipper meets the IATA and protect your valuable samples in safe conditions for both users and transporters during transportation.

supply_tankCryoAutosupply Series, LN2 supply tank

CryoAutosupply Series liquid nitrogen tanks/container are the latest high performance cryogenic liquid phase storage container which mainly used for liquid nitrogen storage in central laboratories. It introduces low amount of liquid vaporization to generate pressure, providing pressure for the tank to discharge liquid, thereby supply liquid nitrogen for other containers.