FenixES LPG Vaporizer’s design has been equipped with all the necessities of the standard EN-DIN. Having this kind of design, the instrument is the first and only domestic product in Turkey. Its design includes high quality electronic and mechanic components, and it can be easily operated. The parts of the instrument, gas collection cup, valves, pressure regulators, and all the fittings, are stainless steel.


  • The instrument is coherent with the necessities of the standard EN – DIN.
  • It is designed with the high quality components.
  • I can be ready fast for the tests.
  • It can be operated by the user easily.
  • It has special design with the characteristic of high repeatability.


  • Wetting Material: Stainless Steel.
  • Length of the Gas Colon: 3 meters (control edilecek)
  • Inner diameter of the Gas Colon: 1 (± 0.1 mm)
  • Temperature of the Gas Colon: 70…100 ℃
  • Range of gas flow: 0-5 litre/minute
  • Particulate filter: 15 micron
  • Temperature controller: PID control
  • Measuring element: Thermocouple
  • Operating voltage: 220v/50Hz


FenixES Pressure Hub is a tube pressurization system, and specifically designed for the labs with intensive work. It can stabilize the tube pressurization process for the tests in order to prevent the ambiguities that can be welded by the operator. For the needs of the lab, it can include different count of outlet ports. It also includes particulate filter and pressure relief valves in order to prevent unexpected high pressure and contamination.


  • It includes high quality, stainless steel fittings.
  • It can be designed easier for specific needs.
  • Its compact design makes the operation easier.
  • It prevents the ambiguities due to the operator.


  • Wetting materials: Stainless steel
  • Gas inlet pressure: 3500 psig max.
  • Gas outlet pressure: can be designed for the needs.
  • Particulate filter: 15 micron
  • The number of outlet port: 4 port max.