packed_columnWe make custom-packed GC columns using high-quality materials. Any stationary phase can be chosen from our listings on page 3, in combination with nearly all listed supports. The use of other stationary phases are subject to special quotation. Columns are supplied as 6” diameter coils, unless instrument make, and model is specified, or dimensions are specified.

Stationary Phases

Usually, the solid support will be coated with a liquid stationary phase. Exceptions are molecular sieves and porous polymers such as HayeSep® or Porapak®, which are normally used un-coated. For a complete listing of available stationary phases.

Solid Supports

Porous Polymer Supports

  • HaySep A, B, C, D, DB, DIP, N, P, Q, R, S, T
  • Tenax®
  • Porapak N, P, PS, Q, QS, R, S, T

Molecular Sieves

  • 4A, 5A, 13X

Custom Column Ordering

To completely specify a custom column, please provide the information requested below.

  1. Length - Feet or Meters
  2. Tubing Material - Stainless steel, Silcosteel or Glass
  3. Stationary Phase - See listings page 18. Phases subject to surcharges; see Table 1.
  4. A) Stationary Phase 1, plus % loading
  5. B) Stationary Phase 2* (if dual phase), plus % loading
  6. Solid Support - sSpecify material and grade (for example, HayeSep® D) Expensive supports have surcharges; see Table 2.
  7. A) Support
  8. B) Mesh Size - specify one 60/80, 80/100 or 100/120
  9. Instrument Manufacturer
  10. Model Number
  11. Fittings - Brass or stainless steel*

Table 1. Stationary Phase Surcharges Table 2. Support Surcharges

Surcharges apply to the following expensive phases:


• OV-225

• OV-275

• OV-330

• OV-1701

• Polyphenylether

• Silars

• Dexsils

Carbon Molecular Sieves:

• HayeSep

• Porapak®

• Tenax®

• Carbopacks

For further information, please download our catalog: