Analytical Columns

To get HPLC columns with maximum efficiency and peak symmetry, ERA-Chrom uses tubing and connections designed and fully optimized to provide you superior performance than achievable with columns from the major manufacturers. The analytical column, use the best bonding reagents, packing support materials and proprietary procedures. The tubing uniformity and polished interior finish generates higher efficiencies than columns from the major manufacturers. The latest in current research trends are included in ERA-Chrom analytical columns, including smaller particle size, greater particle uniformity, reduced tubing internal diameters and shorter columns for LC-GC and LC-MS applications. ERA-Chrom columns are designed with a new generation of tubing interior surfaces, connections, end-fittings and packing procedures. Our proprietary procedures allow us to manufacture columns as small as 2 mm ID with 3 µm particles and columns as short as 50 mm long with 2 mm ID with no loss in theoretical efficiency.

eraMEER HPLC Column 2

Microbore Columns

Low dispersion Chromatography

These columns of 2 and 3 mm of internal diameter, packed with the same packing than 3 and 5 µm analytical column, contribute to an important solvent saving and at the time a detectability considerable increase.

Sensibility of detection

Since the detectability depends on the grade of dilution of the sample while it passes through the column, a reduction of the internal diameter of the column redounds directly in a minor dilution and therefore in an increment of the detection sensibility.

Solvent Saving

The same chromatogram obtained with a conventional 4,6 mm ID column working at 2 mL/min can be obtained with a flow of 0,4 mL/min when it is worked with a 2,1 mm ID microbore column. This represents a 80 % saving of the eluents wasted in HPLC, which means that for a standard job in a chromatograph will represent a saving of 15 liters of solvent.

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